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The Slayer: Bloodlines

The Slayer: Bloodlines

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No one can change the past. Perhaps it's also true for an already predicted future.


Abigail is living in the weeks after staking Tom. She is depressed and feels hopeless for his resurrection. But as Arlington begins to notice a change in her, he makes a plan to resurrect Tom for Abigail's benefit. However, Abbi has been feeling sick for weeks and no one can figure out why. When she meets Aldestine, the guardian of Heaven, she soon learns there is more to her past, the Bloodlines curse to her Slayer line, and the life she must live as the world's most powerful Vampire Slayer. Abigail is faced with new challenges, new creatures of the underworld, betrayal from those she loves, and more in this sequel to Hell Awakens. 

(This is book two. It is recommended to begin with book one: Hell Awakens)

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