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My Last Breath

My Last Breath

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Because every breath counts.

Melanie and James are an unlikely match when they meet one night in a southern bar, at the hand of his younger sister. Melanie is a northern girl and is shy, sophisticated, and reserved. While James, an intelligent student in Yale's science department, is accustomed to his untamed southern roots and is flirtatious and outgoing. However, they quickly form a bond that is unbreakable and will come to define both of their lives. James is on his way to becoming a NASA pilot, while Melanie—fearless, smart, and ready to take on anything—is still finding her way in the world. But this isn’t just any romance and is not without its share of heartache. James isn’t so ready to settle, though he knows Melanie is the only one for him. Will his wild spirit and the life of planes and the military that James chooses—and loves so fiercely—be their undoing?

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